The Days Are Just Packed

by Pictures of Vernon

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released May 1, 2015

Anderson Ragan - Guitar/Vox
Brody Rogers - Bass/Vox
Daniel Gorham - Drums/Vox

Recorded & Mixed by Pictures of Vernon
Mastered by Ian Farmer



all rights reserved


Pictures of Vernon Asheville, North Carolina

beauty punk

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Track Name: Welp, Fuck It
Don't let me down, you owe me for this
Because I tied you up when your ends were about to split
There's so much I can say, too many points I can make
But I'll keep to myself like always

Don't get me started on all of the things you've done wrong
I'm just upset, you won't understand
because wasted potential is such a damn shame, honestly
You make me feel so bad for feeling so bad
I can't sleep in this bed after you have stayed here
But you won't come home,
cause you like the feeling of someone else's floor
Track Name: The One Where Chandler Dies
I'm swinging hammers in my head
Smashing spiders on my brain
Creeping in with thoughts of you
bringing old unwanted pain

Your silence hurts worse than your words
Your excuses are building, my list is growing
and I'll take it like I do, up until today

And I have had enough, my weakness is showing
And you have had enough, and your weakness is showing

I'll brave the storm and walk home,
my eyes set on the footsteps
The marks of you and he
Walking ahead of me
Track Name: Are You With The Radiant Flood Now?
Now be honest with me for your sake,
cause I'm getting flashes of feelings that I might regret this
you stopped caring so long ago
you changed your face and put on a show

When we got up that morning, I knew things had changed
You are still in my life but your beauty holds pain

Your voice sings regret, sirens haunting at night
You continue to stab but I won't put up a fight
and if feelings were faked and nothing was true
At least I learned a new way that I could hate you
Track Name: Spheric Dialogues
Last out, kicking holes in the walls
Learned to destruct through a lineage designed to correct
Taught not to fret
Now I'm searching for meaning, but these words are so cyclical
tossing back in forth in spheric dialogues

You never had the connection it felt so required, encouraged at least
unfamiliar faces crowding coffins, so out of place

Sign a card, so uniform, but these words are void of meaning
Track Name: Welcome to the Sac
The framework stands above and below
thought out, processed, and ready to go
persecuted by abandonment
you held my hand, but lacked sentiment
Oh, I wish I could go back so, so bad

I will be free one day
I will feel loved one day

I was an idiot for my hesitation,
moving much too slow in times when it counted
Oh I wish I could go back so, so bad
Track Name: Nice Hands, Feet
I know better than to pick up the phone
when you're on the other line
cause I don't have the patience
and I sure as hell don't have the time
I was immature, you were immature
We are older now and I'm not sure
if you will ever act your age

You're so cool, you're punk
You're so fake, you're so fucked

I am so sad. I'm such a bummer
Leave me behind and forget your past
Cut off my arm and beat me with it
I'll still get few shots in
take a hit, spew some shit
You're not much smarter than you were in high school