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hope you like it

we did it in my bedroom


released November 21, 2014

Anderson Ragan - Guitar/Vocals
Alex Kitching - Bass/Vocals
Brody Rogers - Guitar
Daniel Gorham - Drums/Vocals

album art picture by Collin Wilson

it is Anderson in the picture
don't be fooled, he can't skate



all rights reserved


Pictures of Vernon Asheville, North Carolina

beauty punk

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Track Name: I Guess
You've been weighing down on me
But I'm cutting ties and letting go
Say goodbye without my words
I'm feeling free, I'll let it show

This was the death of something ugly.
Beauty rotted, past its prime
A fountain broken, left alone
Not built to last for the last time
Forgotten past grabs for attention
Nights alone, weak, insecure
I thought I had firm stance
But I was lost on what's impure

And I guess, I would have never guessed I'd long for something new
And I guess, I would have never said I'm fine without you

I'm fragments
Of who I thought I was, what I want to be
I'm afraid
Of who I thought I was, what I want to be

I'm fragments of who I thought I was, pictures of what I want to be
I've been afraid of leaving for so long, but I know its time to go for me

I would build us a house
A safe place to stay
I'd be sure as you sleep
By your side I would lay
And if it'd make you feel happy
I would work every day
I'd do all this and more
If I could just hear you say
I'm okay.

Are you okay?
Track Name: TV Free Week
Saturday night at 9
It starts to rain
Its about this time
I become insecure
Tried swallowing sharp words
Doubt rises, confidence falls
I'm filled with emptiness because
I feel alone.
I'm so alone

I feel disconnected from everyone I love
I felt resurrected by a new sense of hope
I fell in an old mix of sour emotion
I found my desires but lacked pure devotion

But if it grows on trees, I'll pick it for the seeds
Plant on my own to grow the things that I need
Bathe in the sunlight, rest in the breeze
The sun doesn't shine too often, and we're covered in dirt to our knees

Now my feet are soaking wet
I just want to a place to sit
I'm reminded of your voice
Two consonant sounds in my head

So tell me today am I wasting my time, or will you follow me wherever I go

Wherever I go

I prayed for some drama
And you wrecked my house
So just keep changing lanes
Decide where you want to go when you get there
But I'm not there, and I won't be
Track Name: Radical Larry
For now you are a friend
But in time you're just a name
And tomorrow is a new day and a good one to forget
I'm disconnected and sit rejected, waiting for a sunrise

But people change and families grow
I can't believe I thought this would last.

You're waging war on yourself, you'll never win.
Cause this time, you're wearing thin
Track Name: Get in the Prius
Go to the beach
Let me stay in bed
We're away from home
I live in my head

Drape a sheet, close the blinds, let me hide by myself
I've made a mess in my mind; things can't be undone

Long drives that don't pay off
Rethink every choice of the past year

You were alone, raised in solitude, now first steps are foreign and language is new
Relearn how to act if you want to fit in
Rewind the months to make choices again

Write a message that can't erase
To make a change that's overdue
Carve to mark emotions stamped
Return to case, judge and review

I watch the snow fall and melt away
It never sticks
Like the words that I say
Cause you just forget
I've been alone with my thoughts for too long
Everything I think is convoluted and wrong

And I hate this part
Cause I don't know where I'm going
But home is not an option
I guess its time to grow up
For both of us

And I hate this part.
I hate this part.
Cause it was your favorite.
Track Name: Chilldude22
"that'd be a realllllllly chill screen name"
Track Name: How Pecos Bill Cleaned Up The West
In your shadow I stand on a cloudy day
I feel the warmth of summer behind the autumn gray
I hold these feelings before me as you take them away
You open your mouth, I can't hear what you say
If you wonder why I'm distant, I learned from the best
Now I'm gone all night, and you know the rest
I'm abruptly interrupted by destructive cynicism
I'm adverse to all these things; I want constructive criticism

I'll do the work on my own because I know you're inept
But my back will stay free of your cumbersome load
Incompetence and confidence are your gin and tonic
Your sick logic reminds me again and again I'm alone.

Why are you here?
Why did you try?
Your past failures pain
Never learned how to fly
Dropped from the nest
With no knowledge of life

Each branch on descent
Let pain become rife
Never fulfilled, seeking more than a fight
Weapons at the ready, verbal warfare set high
You're big and you're strong and you're not afraid
I'm alone, not quite scared, but not ready to die